About Us

Lauriealexander.co.uk is a British company based in Worcestershire. Our aims are very simple, we believe in producing and selling great quality pieces of jewellery at the most competitive price that we can. We work on old fashioned idea that our customers come first. In order to achieve this we offer a first class service in all aspects of our business and are happy to take the time to ensure the items you choose are perfect for you or your loved ones. Jewellery has been an integral part of our lives for some considerable time, and we feel that many more people should have access to own beautiful special items of jewellery for themselves. For this reason we are developing new lines that are realistically priced, yet still have the intrinsic beauty that good quality jewellery has to offer.

We also have many pieces of fine traditional and modern jewellery that have been handmade and hand finished by us, as with all our items we endeavour to offer them for sale at realistic prices in the hope that you will treasure them as much as we do. Good jewellery will be the heirlooms and antiques of the future and we at lauriealexander.co.uk are proud to be part of this process.

We are happy to help with any questions you may have or to offer any advice you may need. We can be contacted via email or telephone.

Lynn Cooper.  

Dated 14th November 2011

Lauriealexander.co.uk has a large range of beautiful engagement rings in many different styles. We have fantastic solitaires, clusters, trilogies and wonderful coloured gemstone engagement rings, all are available online from Lauriealexander.co.uk.

N.b. we endeavour to be as accurate as possible in all our descriptions however diamond grading is often open to interpretation and therefore grading’s must be considered approximate.